Everything is Numbers-Greek Philosophy in Urdu

Pythagoras-Number Rules the Universe-Urdu

فیثاغورثی اشیاء کا جوہر عدد میں تلاش کرتے ہیں اور اشیاء کے وجود و صفات کو مظاہر کے مستقل اور معین حساب اعداد سے اخذ کرتے ہیں۔

What Did Pythagoras Mean By “All Things Are Number”?

Pythagoras-Number Rules the Universe-Urdu

We all know that numbers can help us understand the beauty of nature. But in this excerpt from the new book A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek. He shows how it goes a lot deeper than that. Did the ancient mathematician Pythagoras know something we don’t? Everything is Numbers-Greek Philosophy in Urdu. Pythagoras-Number Rules the Universe-Urdu.


Most of us first heard the name “Pythagoras” when we were in high school geometry class. But few recall that there was an actual person named Pythagoras who lived and died around 570–495 BCE. Very little is known about the real Pythagoras, or rather a lot is “known” about him. But most of it is surely wrong. The above documentary in Urdu is revealing his work.

Son of Apollo

History says Pythagoras was the son of Apollo, to have a golden thigh, and to glow. He may or may not have advocated vegetarianism. Among his most notorious sayings is an injunction not to eat beans, because “beans have a soul.” Yet several early sources explicitly deny that Pythagoras said or believed anything of the sort. More reliably, Pythagoras believed in and taught, reincarnation. Several stories—each dubious, to be sure—corroborate this…

Unusual Religious Movement

A few things seem clear. The historical Pythagoras was born on the Greek island of Samos, traveled widely. And He became the founder of inspiration for an unusual religious movement. His cult flourished briefly in Crotone, in southern Italy. He developed chapters in several other places before being everywhere suppressed. The Pythagoreans formed secret societies, on which the initiates’ lives centered. These communities, which included both men and women, promoted a kind of intellectual mysticism that seemed marvelous.

Metaphysics and Number Theory

According to Aristotle, number speculation is the most characteristic feature of Pythagoreanism. Things “are” number, or “resemble” number. To many Pythagoreans, this concept meant that things are measurable and commensurable or proportional in terms of number. An idea of considerable significance for Western civilization. But there were also attempts to arrange a certain minimum number of pebbles. So as to represent the shape of a thing—as, for instance, stars in a constellation that seems to represent an animal.

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