Kiran Digest April 2024 [Download PDF]

Kiran Digest April 2024 If you get the number, then after the last ten prayers, you will be celebrating Eid. On behalf of all of you, we wish that Eid brings the gift of...

Kiran Digest March 2024 [Download PDF]

Kiran Digest March 2024 The Month of Ramadan has begun. If you get this number, you are benefiting from the blessings of Ramadan. During Ramadan, the number of prayers increases. Even if we do...

Kiran Digest February 2024 [Download PDF]

Kiran Digest February 2024 Since the creation of Pakistan. Democracy has never been stable in our country, the country has been through many crises. Yet they were overcome, but the temptation on which they...

Charging Medical Devices: Risks and Precautions

Charging Medical Devices: Risks and Precautions When we utilize medical equipment You need to be extremely careful when using a USB charger for equipment like insulin pumps or blood glucose monitors, but you absolutely must....

Khawateen Digest April 2024 [Download PDF]

Khawateen Digest April 2024 The April issue of Women's Digest is here for the birthday number. The month of April has brought two big joys this time.Eid al-Fitr is Allah's reward for traditional and...

Unmasking AI: A Guide to Spotting Fake Photos and Videos

How do we know when AI-generated photographs and videos aren't real? Identifying AI-generated fraudulent videos and visuals is critical because they are quickly becoming people's primary concern. The expansion and use of artificial intelligence technologies has...

Key Strategies for Preserving Cognitive Function in Aging

Key Strategies for Preserving Cognitive Function in Aging Atlanta: We all want to experience our aging in a healthy way, and we are willing to do anything, from appropriate diets for heart health to various...

A Cautionary Note on Salt Consumption

A Cautionary Note on Salt Consumption "Healthy Habits: Watch Your Salt Intake!" Importance of Salt: Salt is involved in regulating fluid balance in the body. Sodium ions play a role in electrical signaling within the nervous system. Historically, salt...

Hina Digest February 2024 [Download PDF Free]

Hina Digest February 2024 Readers! It is scheduled for February 2024. Thus, every blood has its own beauty, and every season has its own fragrance, but the mornings, evenings and sleepless nights wrapped in...


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