Hazur Ka Badar Main Faisla Hargiz Khata Nahe

Hazrat Muhammab s.a.w Ka Faisla Hargaz Khata Nahee is an Urdu Islamic book by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri. We all know that Prophets and Messengers can not do any mistake but they can forget and non attention from some issues, it is why people can ask and know about the solution of problem, as once Muhammad pbuh was pontificating prayer and Muhammad ended the prayer after 2 Rakat, when people asked, Muhammad pbuh replied it was not my mistake but it was for your teaching. All Muslim Scholars say that mistakes of Prophets pbuh are full of fruit for mankind and humanity. For example mistake of Adam was the cause of population on the earth. So never say if Prophets can forget and do mistake they why we not. But we may say that human can forget and can do mistake. 

Hazur Ka Badar Main Faisla Hargiz Khata Nahe
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