Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Piety & Abstinence) 
Piety and Abstinence زہد اور پرہیزگاری is the third and last story of the series the Trustworthy Muhammad pbuh directed by Pooriya Naik Manash.
 1. Black Stone حجر اسود 
 2. Retaliation قصاص3
3. Piety & Abstinence زہد اور پرہیزگاری
In this story a person known as Zaid bin Harith who want to examine the prophecy, planned to visit Prophet pbuh while he did not embraced Islam. He also wished to take some gift for Prophet before he visit there. When he visited there, observe many difference things than the custom and traditions of Arab Tribes. He asked the Prophet pbuh about the simplicity, Prophet pbuh replied,
I am Prophet of Mercy from Almighty, Lord, Allah, and we are humans are equal before Allah, only the piety and abstinence make us greater before Allah. Zaid been Haris impressed and conditionally embraced Islam if Prophet buy a new shirt by using the 12 twelve coins of Zaid bin Haris. Prophet Muhammad pbuh accepted the condition and sent Hazrat Ali r.a along with Zaid to market to buy a shirt.
Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Piety & Abstinence) Zaid along with Ali purchased a costly shirt, but Muhammad pbuh, the Prophet returned with direction to buy a simple and low cost short. The seller had no simple shirt so he returned the coins, …… there are many lessons in this short story how Zaid bin Haris planned to take test of Muhammad pbuh regarding the claim of Prophet-hood. He planned to offer 12 coins for a shirt, he thought Prophet pbuh will buy a costly shirt, but Prophet pbuh disliked worthy shirt and returned with direction if the seller is agree to take back the shirt………. similarly a complete moral from the story is obtained for our life.
Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Piety & Abstinence)

Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Piety & Abstinence)
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