The Messenger of Imam Hussein a.s (Safeer e Hussain a.s)

Imam Hussein a.s. Governor called Imam Hussein but Imam ask for time to consult. Imam came back to home and in night Imam left Madina and went to Mecca. There while Imam was in Mecca, from Kufi people, many letters were received in which Imam was invited to Kufa. People of Kufa also promised to help Imam Hussein. Imam sent his cousin brother Muslim bin Aqeel as a messenger to Kufa to get the allegiance of Imam Hussain. The Messenger of Imam Hussein a.s obeyed and was on the way to Kufa. Here is important to mention that Imam Hussain a.s also sent his one messenger towards people of Basra – Watch Emisarry of Imam Hussain to Basra in Urdu.

Safeer e Imam Hussain in Urdu سفیر امام حسین عہ


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