Abdullah a.s 7 (Father of Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

That voice was a lady who was from Yathrib and was a Priestess, she said to free immolate and put him equal to the ransom of a human. There were 10 camels for one ransom for a  human. So they put ten camels and Abdullah and drew arrows again but arrows draw the name of Abdullah, they tried again and again but each time they got the name of Abdullah, after 10th time when a number of camels went to 100, arrows drew the name of Camels, so Abdulmuttalib drew arrows three times more to get confirmation about the acceptance of his vow before Allah. So now three times arrows drew with the name of Camels, all were happy and Abdulmuttalib slaughtered 100 camels and invited all People of  Makkah and all animals were allowed to get meat, skin and bones of slaughtered camels. Now they went to the house of Wahab for the marriage of Abdullah with his daughter Amena, so Abdullah and Amena got married. 

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