Abdullah a.s 4 (Father of Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

It was decided to go to Syria for the confirmation of digging of Well Zam Zam. So they went to Syria,,, at last it was decided to dig well by Abdulmuttalib alone. He dig it up and also get the Swords and two stages of gold from it which were buried before many years by Bnu Jarham, now Harb started to say that Abdulmuttalib is greedy and want to sell water of Zam Zam. He also stated that Abdul Muttalib is man who wanted to get the treasure.

But Abdulmuttalib announced for water it was free for every one and no one can sell it till now. For treasure they draw arrows, according to arrows now treasure was for Abdulmuttalib. But he used this treasure for the reconstruction of Door of Kaaba. and it was the first time in history when gold was used for Kaaba. 

Abdullah a.s 4 (Father of Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

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