Saudi Tafseer Par Aik Nazar


Saudi Tafseer Par Aik Nazar Urdu Book

Saudi Tafseer Par Aik Nazar is an Urdu book about a view on the book provided by the Saudi Government to all pilgrimages on the eve of Hajj. This book is a critical book compiled by Abu Abdullah Syed Muzzammal Hussain Qadri. There are many reasons to compile this book as shown in the index of this book. One major point is about the Takfiri beliefs of the Saudi Government.


سعودی تفسیر پر ایک نظر – حج کے موقع سعودی حکومت سے ملنے والی تفسیر پر ایک نظر


There is a long index at the start of this book which is very important to read before start studying this book. What are the objections required to write this book.

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