Mukkamal Tareekh e Wahabiya [IRREFUTABLE TRUTH]


A Complete History of Wahhabiya’s Movement in Subcontinent of India

مکمل تاریخ وہابیہ۔ ناقابل تردید حقائق

There are some unrevealed truths about the Heroes of Pakistan movement in 1947. For the liberty of Pakistan as well as Muslims of India many Muslim groups, sects, and people of society took part. However, there are some contradictions about the Wahhabis movement whether they participate in this movement or they opposed the movement. The author of this book claimed he investigated the facts and revealed that the real Heroes of the Pakistan movement were the people of Sunni Sects.

The book in your fingertips below is compiled after hard work by the compiler Abu Al Hassan Qadri ابو الحسان قادری. This book contains the information from the Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi to January 1976. The important thing about this book is this the book is compiled in light of the struggle for independence of Pakistan. So please read the book in this view and do not give the place for extremism, Prejudice, and discrimination.



The author of the book claimed there is a big misunderstanding regarding the real heroes of Pakistan movement. He also says it is unincovinent that the opposers of Pakistan are now claim they struggled for Pakistan. He says, infact, they were the opposers of Anti Pakistan in 1947. And the Pakistan came into existence against their wish and will.

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