Wasaiq Bakhshish Complete


Wasaiq Bakhshish Complete Sharha Hadaiq e Bakhshish

A long time ago we are reading the published collection of poetry of Imam Ahmed Reza Khan Barelvi. He is the great Imam of Barelvi Sunni Muslims in India. He was not only a scholar and jurisprudent but was also a poet who wrote much poetry about Muhammad PBUH and all his family. Many Muslims know him only as an Islamic scholar. But there was a need for a long time to introduce him as a poet.



وثائق بخشیش فی شرح حدائق بخشش از مولانا ابو الظفر غلام یاسین رضا امجدی اعظمی

Here below a book is given by Mufti Abu al Zafar Ghulam Yasin Raz Amjadi Azmi principal of Dar Al Uloom Qadriya Rizwiya Karachi. He interpreted all his poetry in the following book.

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