Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Retaliation)

Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Retaliation), is second story of an animated series Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad pbuh directed by Pooriya Naik Manash, now in Urdu for Urdu community. This animated story has one title Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (محمد امین صہ), which has three other stories
1. Black Stone حجر اسود2. 
2. Retaliation قصاص
3. Piety & Abstinence زہد اور پرہیزگاری
Its title is Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Retaliation قصاص / Qisas) as in Islam Qisaas is basic essential for our society. The basic concept of Islam about Qisas and Diyat is to satisfy the victims and to control the crimes in society. In Islam Qisas and Diyat Ordinance was also promulgated for 20 times in Pakistan when it was introduced in Pakistan by president Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Then in 1997 Qisas and Diyat Act was introduced in Pakistan, because constitution of Pakistan is based on Islamic Laws and Rules, and the Qisas in Islam has very importance which can be proved from the life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. So the story video below has the true event happened in life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and this video story will teach us how Prophet Muhammad pbuh acted on the demand of retaliation (qisaas/ qisas قصاص) by a true follower of Muhammad pbuh.

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Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Retaliation)

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