Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Black Stone)

Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Black Stone), this animated story Black Stone (Hajr e Aswad حجر اسود) is directed by Pooriya Naik Manash پوریا نیک منش. Now for visitors from Pakistan, India and from all over the world who belongs to Urdu community, is dubbed into Urdu. This animated story has one title Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (محمد امین صہ), which has three other stories
1. Black Stone حجر اسود
2. Retaliation قصاص
3. Piety & Abstinence زہد اور پرہیزگاری
Here below the first story about Black Stone (حجر اسود) is produced in Urdu. Once in Mecca the Kaaba was destroyed due to storm. It was very sensitive issue for people of Mecca, so Abu Talib called an urgent meeting in Mecca, where it was decided to reconstruct the Kaaba. At the same time on the Sea port a ship was also stuck in sand which had material for construction. It was decided by people of Mecca to buy these construction Materials.

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Trustworthy Prophet Muhammad (Black Stone)

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