Peshgoi – 800 Years by Shah Nimatullah Wali


Shah Nimatullah Wali was a Sufi, Saint and a poet in Kashmir, India. His real name was Noor U Din and was born on 1330 in Aleppo, Syria. [What Do You Know about Hujar Bin Oddey? Watch this TV Serial in Urdu] Peshgoi – 800 Years is an Urdu book compiled and translated by Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar Chishti Nizami. This book is translated into Urdu from the poetry of Shah Nimatullah Wali.

The main point to mention here about this poetry is its predictions. The poetry is telling us the prophecies which were being happening since 800 years. Because this poetry by Shah Nimatullah Wali described what is going to be happen.


Maulana Jalal U Din Rumi r.a stated, the Who are Friends of Allah, Almighty Allah is their friend too. Shah Nimatullah Wali was also the friend of Allah. He predicted many important events of the future. You can understand as:

صد سالہ حکم ایشاں بر ملک ہند میداں

آرید اے عزیزاں ایں نتکتہ از بیا نہ

ترجمہ: سو سال تک ہندوستان پر ان کی حکومت ہو گی۔ اے عزیزو میں نے یہ غیبی نقطہ دیکھا ہے۔
Peshgoi - 800 Years by Shah Nimatullah Wali

When George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston read/heard this poetry he asked how is it possible? He denied and asked how the English would rule over India only for 100 years. But it was true, after 100 years the English rulers were kicked out from India.

There are many confusion about the death and burial place of Shah Nimatullah Wali. Many people say he died in Iran and his grave is located in Mahan. While many believe his shrine is located in Kashmir. His poetry is based on 2000 verses. However only 248 verses were available at the time when compilation and translation of this book.

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