Doshiza Digest December 2018 [Download PDF]


Nowadays, the entertainment sources has been ended at least. Reading books also lost its importance. The Reading Books mediums have also been changed. Many of us, nowadays, like to read online pdf books. Doshiza Digest is a good source of Urdu entertainment. It beautifies your homes as well as. This Doshiza Digest December 2018 [Download PDF] is 46th year edition. The regular serial novels: Minber e Ishaq by Sunbal. Baad e Samoom by Dr. Seemeen Rukh. Anjaan Hamsafar by Habiba Umair.


Aankh Ka Baal is a story about a women who was victim. But time changed and she took revenge from each enemy. This story is written by Dr. Syed Arsalan Ali. Special article about a travelogue to the Madina. Can you imagine the moments you passed at some the most sacred place on the earth.

Doshiza Digest December 2018 [Download PDF]
Doshiza Digest December 2018 [Download PDF]

Do you know what is tragedy with the people who are abroad? If not then read the story Watan Wapsi by Ghazala Aziz (Umm e Iman).

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