Doshiza Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]


Doshiza Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]

دوشیزہ ڈائجسٹ جنوری 2019 ڈاؤنلوڈ پی ڈی ایف

Since 1972, this digest is being published. What is Love? Love is a sacrifice! Love is between two persons, so it demands sacrifice and devotion from both. If you can not devote for your love then you do not have a right to love. Minbar e Ishaq is featured serial story of Doshiza Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]. Read 12th episode of Minbar e Ishaq by Sunbal.


Safar Tamam Huwa by Khaula Irfan. To live alone is a curse. Be careful about the loneliness of our parents. Take Care of Parents as they cared you in your childhood. In Holy Koran, it is ordered to obey them. * Mamta Ka Azzab by Mohiuddin Nawab The Revealings (Inkashaf) by Hajra Rehan. Both were not minors. But their parents keeping them away from some discussion. You will smile almost at the end of this story.

Doshiza Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]

Naye Ujalon Ki Barkha by Fasiha Asif Khan. This story is about some strange behavior of the life. Wajdan was a qualified man but he was still jobless. Tallafi by Faiza Mushtaq.

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