Making Sacrifice for People

Making Sacrifice for People on every day same as on Eid al Azha, this eid inspires Muslims to be kind and careful for others around us, make sacrifice for others and help others in difficulties of life. Allah created relations and then make love and affiliations among those relations, these relations may be many of many different kinds as mother, father, son, wife, daughter, husband, uncle, aunt,……. and many more. But the much great relation in society is neighbor hood , Imam Ali a.s said …. Prophet Muhammad pbuh advised us to take much care of our neighbor, and on That Day Allah will ask about your behavior with neighbors. Now we all Muslims slaughter animals on Eid al Azha, after slaughtering the animal, we distribute animals’s meat to people like relatives, friends and poor people , it is why poor people as well as friends and neighbors have right for our response deeply. It is our duty to take care all of them gradually. Here we added some photos of pretty and beautiful animals which will be slaughtered by people in Pakistan, look at them and also say Thank to Allah that its i blessing of Allah we are going to sacrifice. 

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