The Highest Water Channel in the World is found in Pakistan. It is located in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. There are many places in the mountain which are still hidden from the people. Due to big changes in the glaciers at heights, many new lakes and water channels and waterfalls take birth. So these changes remain hidden from people for many years. Mr M Asif Hussain from Gilgit Baltistan explored this hidden but the highest Water Channel in the world. I get this video from his Channel PK Tracks.
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Heighest Water Channel in the World

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He also pointed out that when this heighest water channel in the world was found, the local people started work to get this water for irrigation at the flat and fertile lands. The water of this channel can bring rich layers of alluvial sediment for the agriculture. Its height is 7000 Km near about.

Heighest Water Channel in the World

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Heighest Water Channel in the World
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Heighest Water Channel in the World
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Heighest Water Channel in the World
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