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Creating mehndi designs for kids can be a delightful and creative activity, perfect for adorning the little princesses at weddings, festivals, or special occasions. Here are some adorable mehndi designs suitable for kids:


  1. Simple Flower and Leaf Design:
  • Start with a small flower in the center of the palm.
  • Extend simple curved lines to form leaves.
  • Add tiny dots and more flowers around the hand.
  1. Cartoon Characters:
  • Draw popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minions, or butterflies.
  • Kids love characters they recognize, making it fun for them.
  1. Finger Mehndi:
  • Paint simple designs on each finger.
  • Combine dots, swirls, and small flowers for a cute look.
  1. Peacock Feather:
  • Create a small peacock feather design on the back of the hand.
  • Add a few dots and lines for detail.
  1. Heart and Star Patterns:
  • Draw hearts and stars on the palms and the back of the hand.
  • Connect them with delicate swirls or lines.
  1. Animal Motifs:
  • Design animals like elephants, birds, or fish on the hands.
  • Add small details and patterns to make them interesting.
  1. Spiral and Paisley Designs:
  • Start with a central spiral pattern on the palm.
  • Extend paisley patterns and swirls around it.
  1. Mehndi Bracelets:
  • Create bracelet-like designs on the wrist.
  • Add small flowers or dots for a charming touch.
  1. Sun and Moon Design:
  • Draw a sun and a moon on each hand.
  • Add rays and stars around them.
  1. Mehndi Rings:
    • Design rings on the fingers with intricate patterns.
    • Incorporate dots, lines, and small motifs.

Tips for Applying Kids’ Mehndi:

  • Use natural henna paste, as it is safe for children’s skin.
  • Keep the designs simple and age-appropriate.
  • Ensure the mehndi paste dries completely before letting kids touch anything.
  • Be patient and gentle while applying, as children may be ticklish or fidgety.
  • Use a sealant like sugar water or lemon-sugar mix to help the mehndi stain darker and last longer.
  • Supervise kids closely to prevent smudging or accidental smearing.

Remember, mehndi application should be a fun and enjoyable experience for kids. You can involve them in the process by letting them choose designs or colors. Make it a memorable bonding time while creating beautiful mehndi designs for the little princesses in your life.

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