Suspense Digest April 2019 [Download PDF]


Suspense Digest April 2019 [Download PDF]

سسپنسن ڈائجسٹ اپریل 2019 ڈاؤنلوڈ پی ڈی ایف

Socrates was the most colourful figure in the history of ancient philosophy. His fame was widespread in his own time, and his name soon became a household word although he professed no extraordinary wisdom, constructed no philosophical system, established no school, and founded no sect (following). His influence on the course of ancient philosophy, through Plato, the Cynics, and less directly, Aristotle is immeasurable. Suspense Digest April 2019 [Download PDF] brings a detailed biography of Socrates سقراط in Urdu by Zoya Ijaz.

Suspense Digest April 2019 [Download PDF]

Khauf Ka Hissar is a story of a criminal who was afraid of Law. It is the story of a criminal who committed crimes bravely. But he was captured by the law against his own crimes.

Seven Roses (saat Gulab) is a romantic story by Ghazala Yasmin.

Rang e Asman by A R Rajpoot brings the 8th part of serial story.

The Love Story of West is also unique, similarly, the hate of them is also unique. The story of Laa Hasil by Nadia Noor is about Love and Fate. Ayesha Tanweer brings a love story about the real face of a life partner. Aasmani Faisla by Malik Safdar Hayat. It is a story between a criminal, wind, storm and rain. Harjayee is a unique story of a Lover who loved and punished. Shah Zain Rizwan brings a story of those who break the dreams of childhood.

Hussam Batt brings a long Urdu story about an actor. Pagdandi by Dr Sher Shah Syed is about pretty woman.

Islamic History

Prophet Jesus a.s is a biography of Christ in Urdu by Rizwana Sajid. According to Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, the great-grandchild of Muhammad, between David and Jesus there were 400 years. The religion of Jesus was ‘tawhid’ (divine unity), ‘ikhlas’ (purity) and what Noah, Abraham and Moses had professed. The ‘Injil’ (Gospel) was sent down to him and the pledge that other prophets took was also taken from Jesus.

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