Suspense Digest February 2020 [Download PDF]


Suspense Digest February 2020 [Download PDF]

Do you know what was the ancient name of Dehli, India? Yes, Shah Jahan Abad was its ancient name. Sajid Amjad brings a story from History of Subcontinent. Aakhri Taqaub is about the Abu Al Muzzaffar Shahabu Din Sahib e Quran Sani. Dr. Sajid Amjad says we can say that the Ruling is an easy job. However, the job to observe the matters of Ruling is so difficult.

Gehri Chaal (Deep Conspiracy) is another Urdu story by Najma Moodi. It is about a lady who was worthless.

Sheh Zor is a serial story by Asma Qadri. It is a story of a man who was filled with revenge. Watch Story of Revenge of Mukhtar Saqfi

Suragh is a story of a private detective who find a secret by his understanding.



Bey Lagam is a story of those animals who can not be trained without stick. Malik Safdar Hayat brings a story of such animals.

Badla, is a story of pretty lady who took revenge in different way.

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