Duniya Key Aye Musafir

Dunia Kay Aey Musafar is an Urdu Book by Honorable Umm e Muneeba and was reviewed by Dr. Suhail Hasan. She tries to guide us to prepare ourselves from this mortal world/ life to eternal world where we have to live for ever and it depends upon our acts being done in this life, where to live, either hell or heaven, if our acts are good and blessed by Allah than we will be gifted heaven for ever and if our life is not according to orders of Allah and rules of Prophets than we will have to live in hell for ever, its is not doubtful that hell is bad home for humans if their acts are denied by Allah. So we, all, have to pass our lives according to orders of Allah, so Muneeba wrote this book to guide us, we all have desire to be succeeded not identified as fail. So we should follow Muhammad’s (PBUH) life for our good deeds.

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