Ummat e Muslima Ki Umar

Ummat e Muslama Ki Omar aur Mustaqbil Qareeb Main Imam Mehdi Key Zahoor Ka Imkan is an Book by a Prof at University of Azhar Cairo, Egypt, Ameen Muhammad Jamal U Din. Which is translated into Urdu by Prof Khurasheed Alam. Dr. Asrar Ahmed (Late) was so interested in the subject cite above, and many times he expressed her vision about last hour of time that after studying sayings of Muhammad PBUH about End of Time, we can easily feel now there is no enough time remain for end of time and we very close to that time when possibility of arrival of Mehdi may be occurred at any time. In the following book you will read about wars and battles of future and after them end of time may be occurred. Read to know and act.

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