Qayamat Kab Aaye Gi [Resurrection: Day of Judgment]


Qayamat Kab Aaye Gi (Qiyamah) ==Islamic Eschatology

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Hazrat Ali R.A said, there will be Islam only by name. It means Muslims will ignore and will not follow orders of Islam. Even the Islamic Scholars will misguide them, although they will claim they are on right path. They will decorate their worshipping places i.e. Mosques etc. The worst persons among them will be So-Called Islamic Scholars. There are many symbols and signs discussed in this book. One of them is The Men will be low in numbers and Women will be large in number. They will drink Al Cohal and commit the crime of rap openly, unlawfully.

Qayamat Kab Aaye Gi

He (PBUH) explained each event which will change the situation of this land at the big level. So, we should not ignore them and always be aware of such incidents. We should keep an eye deeply upon the international politics and affairs. So that we can do needful being a Muslims against Satan and Dajjal.

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Qayamat Kab Aaye Gi (Qiyamah) ==Islamic Eschatology
    • More Details About this Book “Qayamat Kab Aaye Gi [Resurrection: Day of Judgment]”
      • This is the third short book contains Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This book contains the sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH about the Judgement Day, End of Time. It means this book is about Symbols of the Judgement Day or in Urdu Allamaat e Qayamat. The compiler translated all Hadiths related to Judgement Day in Easy Urdu could be read easily by every person who is a layperson. As we know Muhammad PBUH True Person and was Trustworthy Man in this Universe. All forecasts and Prophecies by the Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH are in detail.

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