Hijrat e Rasool

Hejrat e Rasul Muhammad Mustafa SAW is a short Urdu book by Maulana Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan It is universal truth that whenever Truth (Right) was preached by True men (Prophets, Pious People etc.) at that time false (Satan, Antichrist, Negative and Enemies of Truth) always came into field to fail the truth and right. So when Muhammad PBUH (Last Prophet and Leader of All Prophets) started preaching Islam by orders of Allah, … Satan and all his companions came into filed to fail Muhammad PBUH even they started to hurt, tease and torture Muhammad PBUH and all his Followers, even Muhammad PBUH said that I am the Prophet one who is much tortured by Idolatrous. So when Idolatrous crossed all the limits then Allah ordered and permitted Muhammad and His followers to migrate from Makkah city to another (Madina). So Islamic history is incomplete without description of events of migration to Makkah, one could not think about those few voluntaries of Islam who in few next years changed the whole world and Islam became the top one and religion on the Earth. No doubt Allah says false is to be disappeared and finished by True and Right.

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