Jinn O Shayateen Sey Ghar Ki Hifazat Key Asbab

Jinn wa Shiaateen Sey Ghar Ki Hifazat Key Asbaab is an book compiled by Waheed Bin Abdul Salam Bali and later was translated into Urdu by Abu Adnan Tyeb Muhammad Behwarwi. In Holy Book Almighty and Great Allah mentioned about Satan that he is enemy of humans and will attack on humans with the help of many Jinns and other unseen creatures. So when we have to enter our homes or left our homes then we will have to remember Allah and call Allah for our protection so Allah will appoint angels for saving us from Jinns and Satan. In the following book compiler stated many ways to save ourselves from Jinns and other bad creatures, these methods and ways are according to Islamic education. Hope book will help you in doing so.

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