Duwaon Ka Gul Dasta

Duaon Ka Gull Dasta is a Book of Collections of Supplications by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Saif ul Rehman Qasim. This is an interesting book for tinny kids to be familiar them with prayers and supplications. Life is a great Blessings of Allah for Humans, if it passed according to orders of Allah than we are successful by blessings of Allah and His pleasures will shower on us in both worlds. In Sura Ehzab Verses 27,28 says, on judgement day , subsidiary and children etc. will say to Allah that we followed our elders in mortal world  they misguided us and mislead us, so, O Allah, they are entitled to punished twice and Your Damn. So we should guide and lead our youths and kids to good way which is ordered by Allah.

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