Ayyam E Khilafat E Rashida

Companions of Last and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH were very well guided and true from all over Ummah of Muhammad PBUH, they never asked questions to Muhammad PBUH but could understand by acting of Prophet PBUH, their reign was very peaceful. All Muslims even other non Muslim’s community was happy and pleasured under Muslim Rulers as those rulers were ruling over people according to Rules of Islam and Koran and Hadiths and Sunnah. This era was very peaceful, full justice, economically very developed,  Socially keeping high values. This era was very best because rulers were well guided by Allah and his great Last Prophet PBUH. Abdul Rauf Rehmani Jhanda Nagri from Nepal, a writer and Islamic Scholar who compiled this book for students of History as well as for arise again the high values of Muslims in our Muslim’s Community.

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