Aye Hamarey Rabb Ham Par Reham Farma

We are Muslims and human beings, our father Adam a.s was created by Allah and was accommodated in Jannah, after it Eve a.s our mother was also cloned by Allah and both were ordered to live in Jannah and always remember Allah but never touch a tree, but Adam and Eve became disobedient, so both were fallen onto this Earth, here Satan found them in open without blessings of Allah or blessings was very far from them, so Satan could easily trapped them, but prayer of Adam a.s to Allah for forgiveness of Allah protected them from Satan and Allah accepted their prayer after their sin, here we can understand that prayers to Allah for his forgiveness may kind and merciful for us and can protect ourselves in front of Satan, if Allah does not accept our prayers than nothing can save us from wrath of Allah. So always pray for forgiveness of Allah, Aye Humary Rabb Hum Per Rehm Farmaa is a short book with Koranic prayers for us by Koranic book foundation.

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