Aqwam E Aalam Key Adiyan wa Mazahib


There are many Religions in this world, many have been ended and many are running with time, there is light difference between Religion and Sharia, Religion is used in meanings of Secular term of any Religion but Sharia is a Religion which is very accurate according to instructions of Divine Power. Islam is a Sharia which is awarded by Allah to Muslims for all human beings and now after last Hajj of Muhammad PBUH , nothing will be accepted by Allah except Islam. Here in the following book is written by Abdul Qadir Sheeba tul Hamad, and translated into Urdu by Abu Abdullah M Shoib and was reviewed by Abu M Idrees Asri, this book is about Different Religions of World which remained alive from time to time and many of them have been nonexistent.This book will increase your knowledge level of History about Religions of World.

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