Dunya Key Baray Mazahib [Introduction to All Religions of World]


Dunya Key Baray Mazahib

Dunya Key Baray Mazahib by Emadul-Hasan Azad Farooqui [Free PDF download ##fa-file-pdf-o##] Or Read Online Below:

Dunya Key Baray Mazahib by Emadul-Hasan Azad Farooqui is an Urdu Book. In this book, you will get enough knowledge about famous religions of the world. The author of this book quoted how a critic can understand the narration of any other religion. He replied one can do this if he can keep away his personal thoughts and faiths then he can understand by studying about any other religion.

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Dunya Key Baray Mazahib [Introduction to All Religions of World]
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      • Dunya Key Baray Mazahib [Introduction to All Religions of World] is an Urdu Book by Immad al Hassan Azad Farooqi from India. It is convenient to say about this book is an Encyclopedia of Famous Religions of the World. It is also important to mention here that the study of Humans on the Earth and Geographical Research proved since all humans in this world remained in touch with any religion since they fall on the Earth. It means that a religion might be a basic necessity of a human being, without religion his life on the Earth could be in danger or could be in crises. So this book will discuss all the objects of a religion we discussed in the above lines. So the author explained very well Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The total number of followers of these religions are 900 million, 376 million, 4.2 million, 2.6 million, 23 million, 14 million, 2.1 billion, 1.3 billion respectively.
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