Sachi Hikayat-Documented & True Stories in Urdu


Sachi Hikayat-Documented & True Stories in Urdu is a book compiled by Maulana Abul Al Noor Muhammad Bashir. He compiled these true and documented stories in five parts. However, at this site, you can read and download these 5 parts combined in a single PDF file.
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The compiler of this book compiled regenerative and instructive stories from many sources. He divided these stories in many chapters. The compiler added these true stories from Islamic sources and Islamic Books. He added only interesting, exemplary over-coated and elevated stories. He added the moral of each story at its end. The compiler also mentioned the original book and page number with the story.

Sachi Hikayat-Documented & True Stories in Urdu

With the passage of time, the entertainment sources have become modern. People like to watch videos and to read books online. Nowadays, the ratio of Urdu Digest Readers is more than General Books. Readers like to read fictional stories. The most important thing in this book, it is not fictional. Islamic Books are main source of this book.

Sachi Hikayat-Documented & True Stories in Urdu

List of 10 Chapters in this book (Five Parts Combined in One Book)

  1. Monotheism (Stories related with the oneness of Allah)
  2. Prophet-Hood (Stories Related to Muhammad PBUH)
  3. Prophets (Stories Related to all Other Prophets)
  4. Rightly Guided Caliphs (Stories Related to Khulfa e Rashidin)
  5. Companions of Prophet PBUH (Stories Related with Sahaba)
  6. People of the House of Prophet PBUH (Stories related to Ahl al-Bayt)
  7. The spiritual and political successors to Prophet PBUH (Stories related to Imams)
  8. Friends of Allah (Stories related to Awliya)
  9. Islamic Rulers (Stories Related to Salateen)
  10. Different Documented Stories (collected from many Islamic sources except above)

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