Individual Life Insurance Plans [State Life VS Jubilee]


Secure Your Life with Best Insurance Plans in Pakistan

Life is not very important for ourselves but is also very very important for beloved persons in our family and society. So it should be secured. There are many traditional ways to secure us but in today’s modern age, life becomes very fast. So the methods to secure life should also be very fast and urgent. The method of Insurance is not very old but was introduced in the British Era at the levels of companies. Beema E Zindagi (Life Insurance) is a book by Mufti Muhammad Shafi about different situations of life insurance in light of Koran and Hadith…

Individual Life Insurance Plans [State Life VS Jubilee] Secure Your Life with Best Insurance Plans in Pakistan State Life VS Jubilee Individual Insurance Plans

There are many companies in Pakistan working for Life Insurance, and they offer many plans and packages for their members. What plan is suitable for us, we have to read enough and carefully. So we can choose the best plan and package for securing our life. 
Here are Two Plans of  Main Leading Companies in Pakistan are produced for your choice:

State Life VS Jubilee Individual Insurance Plans

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    • State Life Plans
  1. Endowment Assurance
  2. Sadabahar Plan
  3. Anticipated Endowment Assurance
  4. Shad Abad Assurance
  5. Jeevan Saathi Assurance
  6. Child Education And marriage Assurance
  7. Child Protection Assurance
  8. Sunheri Policy
  9. Shehnai Policy
  10. Optional Maturity Mndowment
  11. Nigehban Plan
  12. Muhafaz Plus Assurance
  13. Supplementary Covers
  14. Committee Policy
    • Jubilee Plans
  1. Child Education Plans
  2. Marriage Plans
  3. Retirement Plans
  4. Wealth Accumulation Plans
  5. Saving & Protection Plans
  6. Women Plans
  7. Rural Plans
  8. Health Plans

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State Life VS Jubilee Individual Insurance Plans
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    • The only thing certain in life is that nothing is certain. As such, while we should always hope for the best, we should also prepare for the worst. Our Secure Life Plan helps you do just that, providing a financial safety net to you and your family in times of need. With the flexibility to let you choose the kind of coverage you need, we are proud to say that our Secure Life Plan is the ultimate life insurance product in the market. Not only does it give you the much-needed security that your family will be taken care of in the event that something should happen to you, but it can also be converted into a cutting-edge investment plan that can meet all your financial needs. We know that life is unpredictable and full of change, so we have designed this plan keeping in mind that your needs will also change with time. Whatever life may throw at you, the Secure Life Plan will be there to protect you and those you love.
    • It is a unique combination of protection and savings at a very economical premium. Death at any time before age 85 years terminates payment of premiums and the sum insured and attached bonuses become payable. In the event the insured survives to the policy anniversary at age 85 years, the policy matures and the sum insured plus bonuses become payable. Under this plan, the rates of bonuses are usually much higher than the other plans and they help in increasing not only protection but also the investment element of the policy substantially. This plan is best suited for youngsters who have at initial stages of their careers and cannot afford to pay high premiums. Individuals who anticipate requirement of a lump sum in far future can also opt this plan.


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