Shaban al Muazzam (Urdu Islamic Book)


Shaban al Muazzam = Fazail, Masail, Aamal aur Shab e Barat 2018 ki Haqeeqat

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This is an Urdu book in detail about Islamic Month of Shaban al Muazzam 2018. This book includes the topics Fazail, Masail and Aamal (Virtues, Problems/Issues, and Ritual) for this month. This book is compiled by a great Pakistani scholar Mufti Sabir Mehmood Sahib from Karachi. The compiler of this book included an important topic of Shab e Barat 2018. Shab e Barat is a midnight which comes between 14 and 15 of Shaban. Shab e Barat 2018 in Pakistan Mid-Sha’ban 2018 will begin in the evening of Monday, 30 April & ends in the evening of Tuesday, 1 May Dates may vary.

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      • Shabal al Muazzam (Urdu Islamic Book) Shabal al Muazzam = Fazail, Masail, Aamal aur Shab e Barat 2018 ki Haqeeqat
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        • This book has the topics: Acts which are done and performed by Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH in this month of Sahaban. Acts and Rites performed by Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Shab e Barat 2018. Acts and Rites of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Companions of Muhammad PBUH in Shab e Barat. This book will tell you about all rites and acts performed by Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Companions as well as supplications and prayers of Shab e Barat. You also will get the knowledge of bad acts and innovations for this month and Shab e Barat.

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