Fitna e Najdiat

Fitna e Nejdiyat is a short Urdu book by Haji Nawab u Din Golarwi. At present time we see many people who are saying Yazid as Righteous Caliph and many criticizing Third Caliph Usman r.a,many people denying Righteous Four Caliphs of Muslims. In the following book, author discussed the Matter regarding outcasts or Wahabbis, it is true that the leader of said outcasts was a person who claimed to be a Prophet & announced who will accept his religion, he will be protected otherwise they will punished until death. When he came to power with help of Tribe of Saud, he started to kill the family of Prophet and many saved their lives by migrating from there. After this all Wahabi scholars started campaign against Imam Hussein a.s, and wrote that event of Karb o Bala was political issue as a whole. Any How in this book author pointed out many references about Wahabis. It not means “” agree with the author. 

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