Water-A Code of Life [Quran Aur Science 5]

We know the kinds of water, what is clean water, what is Aab e Rawan, What is Aab e Musaf, we know all these kind. But what is the water, in fact? We do not know. It is tasteless and has no colour. Although it is colourless we can not taste other things without water. In our daily life, we use water for 5 times for ablution. But we do not know the real nature of water.

Water-A Code of Life [Quran Aur Science 5]
Water-A Code of Life [Quran Aur Science 5]

How Quran Describes the Water

Have ye observed the water which ye drink?
Is it ye who shed it from the raincloud, or are We the Shedder?
If We willed We verily could make it bitter. Why then, give ye, not thanks?
Above verses are derived from the Sura Waqeya Ayat 68, 69 & 70.

Water on the earth is in cycle mode. Heavy rains even can not increase or decrease a drop from it. It is a necessary thing for life on earth. Seventy per cent earth is full of water. It is bounded in the limits by the Almighty lord. If it breaks its limits it can be Flood of Noah. Allah says, we sent water from the sky and we have made every living thing from it.

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