The Earth [Quran Aur Science 9]

The Holy Quran mentioned the Earth 450 times. The Quran describes the Signs of Almighty Lord on the Earth. It is why we live on this planet and it is understood we will look around. The scientists are to interpret the earth directly by experiments to conclude.

“He created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions). He makes the night overlap the day and the day overlap the night.” (Surah 39, Ayah 5)

The Earth [Quran Aur Science 9]
The Earth [Quran Aur Science 9]

The above two Ayat provide interesting material on the process of interpretation and especially on winding the night upon the day and the day upon the night in the second Ayah. The literal Arabic text for the verb “to overlap” above is “to make a sphere.” This is an astounding use of this verb that refers to the earth as a sphere.

Astronauts have seen and photographed what happens from their space ships especially at great distances from the earth. They saw how the sun permanently lights up (except in the case of an eclipse) half of the earth′s surface that faces the sun, while the other half is in darkness. The earth then turns on its axis and the light from the sun stays the same so that an area of another half a sphere is subjected to light. The light makes one revolution around the earth′s surface in twenty-four hours. This perpetual rotation of night and day is quite clearly described in the above Ayah. It is easy to grasp this notion in the present time and age because we know the solar system and the orbit of the earth. Further to the above reflection on the sequence of night and day, one must also mention, with a quotation of some Ayat from the Quran, the idea that there are more than one east and one west.

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