Honey Bee [Quran Aur Science 7]

Honey Bee [Quran Aur Science 7]
Honey Bee [Quran Aur Science 7]

Honey Bee [Quran Aur Science 7]

Honey bee extracts juices from individual flowers like apple, clover, blackberry, dandelion, ivy, goldenrod, lavender, lime trees, rosemary and more. It flies in specific directions for nectar search, as Allah says in this verse. Today science proof that bee generally flies within a 5-mile radius of hives.

Lesson from Honey Bee

  • Honey follows Allah’s instructions and follows the path He assigns for it. We must do the same. Live will become productive and meaningful through obeying Allah.
  • It is a disciplined creator, which is a useful step of success.
  • Honeybees inspire us to work together.
  • Honeybees teach us to seek pure ‘rizq’ through hard work.
  • They not only work hard but efficiently to achieve the best results. Efficiency is necessary for whatever actions we do.
  • Bees provide a perfect relationship example.
  • Honeybees teach us to care about our families and communities.
  • Teamwork is necessary to achieve big goals, and bees work in team dividing their responsibilities.

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