Tips and Advice to overcome the thirst and dehydration in holy month of Ramadan 2020

Drink somewhere in the range of eight and 12 cups of water among Iftar and Suhour. It is desirable over beverage tepid water rather than cold water as it is consumed by the body quicker. It is prescribed to have soup every day during the blessed month of Ramadan as soups are a decent wellspring of liquids. Moreover, leafy foods like watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, and so forth known for their high substance of water, help lessen thirst.

Keep away from inordinate utilization of flavors and salt. It is preferrable to keep away from nourishments high in flavors at Iftar as this expands the body’s requirement for water. Besides, it is suggested that the utilization of salt in servings of mixed greens and when cooking be decreased. Devouring high measures of salt may expand thirst.

Show restriction when eating desserts. Research has indicated that eating desserts expands thirst as they contain a lot of sugar. Eat organic products rather that give your body liquids and extinguish your thirst.

Caffeine and nicotine. Caffeine is a characteristic diuretic since it builds liquid misfortune and thirst. It is suggested that energized drinks be abstained from during Ramadan. This incorporates vitality and carbonated beverages, tea and espresso. Likewise abstain from smoking as it triggers a ceaseless dry mouth and thirst.

Stay away from sun presentation or physical movement during the daytime. Because of high temperatures and direct sun introduction, it is important to drink a lot of water as the body is bound to encounter a lack of hydration and expansion in thirst. The best time to practice during the fasting time frame is soon after Iftar as your body has been given nourishment and drink to gracefully vitality, and will have sufficient opportunity to renew lost liquids during exercise.

A strategy to combat thirst in Ramadan

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