Costume of Iranian Women in History 4| Islamic Culture and Civilization

تاریخ میں ایرانی خواتین کے لباس قسط چہارم: ایران میں اسلام کی آمد: ابتدائی صدیاں

Tareekh Main Irani Khawateen Key Libas 04 Islam Ki Aamad aur Ibtadai Sadiyan

After the rise of Islam, it reached in Iran. At that Sassanian Empire was ruling in Persia. Arrival of Islam caused the ending of Sassanian empire. It did not change the culture and traditions in Iran at all.

Costume of Iranian Women in History 4| Islamic Culture and Civilization

There were many central places which were promoting Iranian art, culture and fashion. Hijab has its own importance in Islam. However, the Hijab was also used in many nations except Islam. The verse of Hijab in Koran was sent by Allah in Madina. It was the 10th year after the migration of Muslims from Mecca. The Hijab is advised strictly in Islam. If you want to see the Hijab practically used, then you should read the history of Family of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We know our Prophet used White colored dress.

As we know, the dress reflects the nature, tradition and culture of every nation. As we know Family of Prophet also used the green coloured cloth to cover their heads. The green coloured cloth is like a symbol. A Muslim woman should follow the lifestyle of Hazrat Fatima s.a to be a great one.

In history we can see there were many uniforms and dress were used for different people belonged to different cadres. But women in Islam are strictly advised to cover and hide their heads and chest as well as.

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