Aakhri Zamana 4-Media (Communication) 1

There are many mediums which are used to communicate. Nowadays, electronic, print media, as well as film, TV and documentary films, are also used for this purpose. We are talking about the war of Images. In these days, images are used to convey important messages. These many be motion pictures and images also. Aakhri Zamana 4 Media has the information of such sources.

This period of time is known as Big Bang of Information. These are misinformation and disinformation. Which leads the viewers to a false and fake information. It is strange these communication sources have key for every lock. This key is the solution of every problem. Is not it strange?

Thousands of channels of TVs, Radios, and films leaving a deep impact on the minds of modern humans. These sources are dictating us how to pass the life. They are building our minds. They are teaching us, how to pass life? how to eat? what to eat? what to use for dressing? These sources are helping the evil and Satanic powers like a Dajjal. Aakhri Zamana 4 Media performing their duty to pave the way of Dajjal.

The world is occupied by these electronic and print media. They have sieges the mind of humans and redirected their thoughts. They stopped their thinking powers. It is the period of Images and Video Films.

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