Christ of the Apocalypse, literally the word apocalypse means to uncover something. If this word is used in religious matters then it has some different meanings. It may be a vision of secrets of heavens. These secrets make the sense of realities of this earth. The biblical Book of Revelation depicts as an “apocalypse” the complete and final destruction of the world.

Al Qiyamah is referred to the Resurrection of all humans to final judgment day. But before the arrival of this final judgment day, some signs will reveal. These signs are referred to End of Time. There are many signs which are mention in all religious books. Even many signs are similar as mentioned in Islamic Books. Many Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad PBUH describes the end of time in details. Many of them have a short reference for the end of time. This video will give you the knowledge to contemplate the Apocalypse. Even you can know what different sects of Muslims think about End of Time.

Aakhri Zamana 12-Christ of the Apocalypse
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