Aakhri Zamana-Islamic Point of View. The people on this land are scarred. They are afraid of darkness, evil and anti-Christ. But only one resumption of salvation. A beautiful voice in a blue sky. Pious People only can hear this voice. This voice is about the arrival of kindness and salvation. This voice gives us the light of the Messiah. Who will defeat the darkness and Dajjal? Watch this video about the Aakhri Zamana-Islamic Point of View.

What is meant by the End of Ages? It means the very last period of humans on this earth. This period being emerging since the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. The end of ages started with Prophet PBUH. This period also has two sib-periods. The first one is when there will be cruelty, evil and injustice. End of time means the beginning of a new period. It is concluded at the end: There are two periods at the End of Ages. 1st is the Age of Darkness and the 2nd is Age of illumination.

Aakhri Zamana 8-Aakhri Zamana in Islamic Point of View

The time and the future are a solid and universal truth. It can not be denied. So all Muslims should wait for salvation. They should wait for the Messiah and Mehdi. We have faith that the Mahdi will walk once more. Mahdi is a great awaited leader.

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