The Arrival of Antichrist

This is an Urdu Islamic Book by Doctor Asrar Alam from Indea , about coming of Dajjal (Anti Christ) . The Originol Book name is Ya Sari Ul Jabal! Kia Dajjal Ki Aamad Aamad Hey? ‘…But I will tell you something which no Prophet has told his people.Verily he (Dajjal) is one-eyed and Allah is not one-eyed.’(Bukhari)

There are three aspects of Dajjal:1. The individual2. A world wide social and cultural phenomenon3. An unseen force. The latter two aspects of Dajjal have been explained and outlined brilliantly by Ahmed Thomas in his book ‘Dajjal – The King Without Clothes.’ Through intense research, he has managed to write a brilliant account of scary facts that bring home the full weight of reality. He explains the social and cultural phenomenon as a system that is being prepared by the minions and followers of Dajjal, through which he will operate and spread his evil. The Unseen Force is defined as the supernatural beings, such as Djinns and UFO’s, who abduct and posses humans to further his cause. Contemporary books such as ‘Omen’ and ‘Body Snatchers’, paint a frightening image of possibilities.

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