Spiritual System of Islam


Asrar Alm wrote many books on Islam , all his books are much noticeable by Muslims and students of Islam, He wrote about Position and situation of Islamic society according to Economics, Politics, Moralities and Values of Islamic World, now I am going to add his greatest book Spiritual Position of Islamic World , this is in Urdu and its Urdu name is Aalm E Islam Ki Roohani Soort E Haal (Aalm I Islam Ki Ruhani Surt E Haal),, in this book Asrar Alm discussed the topics of spirit of Islam and he also opened the real state of Islamic Spirit and he also discussed about the Evil Genius of Jews who did against Islam by the Evil Powers of their spirit, Asrar Alm also wrote about Greatesd Islamic Scholars and Personalities who were the cause of uprising of Islam, in this Book Asrar Alam also tells us about the methods of Jews to defeat Muslims and humanity.Must Read , this Great Book , You may Read this book directly inGoogle Books in my library you may read this book here  

or may be read it also below

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