Islam and Challenge of 21st Century

Islam and Challenge of 21st Century  By Asrar Alam is and Urdu Islamic Mind Blowing Book, after reading any Muslim can understand about reality of Western Civilization, Development  and Jews (Zionists). Here in this Book Asrar Alam wrote about Nature, Music, Science, Social life of Human Beings, Politics, Economics, Art and Fun, History , Chemistry etc. and try to tell us what is meaning of this Western Science? This is not natural science and due to this science and development our lives are much harmed and disturbed, but we have no any awareness about this evil. I will say to all Muslims to read this book and understand the reality of Satan (Devil) and how we are dinging up a well for us. I will also request , please, if some body can translate this book in English, Persian and Arabic for our other Muslims in this world.
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