Life of Muhammad 2 [An Urdu Documentary] for Kids

This Urdu documentary will give you information on events occurred during the life timeline of Muahhamd PBUH. An important event flood in Mecca is important to mention here. When a wall of Kaba established at the height of men, the issue for installation of Hajr e Aswad came out.

The issue was resolved by Muhammad PBUH.

At the point when the Quraysh annihilated the Holy Kaaba so as to reconstruct it, a debate emerged when the structure arrived at the degree of the Black Stone. They varied on the issue of who was qualified to reestablish the Black Stone to its unique spot. A common war was going to break out. Banu Abdu’d-Dar brought a bowl loaded with blood and the entirety of the clans embedded their hands in it, which implied that they had made up their psyches to battle each other. Be that as it may, Abu Umayya Ibn al-Mugheera, their senior, asked Quraysh to concur on the judgment of the principal individual to get through the Bani Shaibah entryway and they all conceded to this proposal. The first to get through this door was the Prophet (ﷺ). This was five years before his crucial. He put the Black Stone in a bit of material and solicited an agent from every clan to hold one of the edges of the fabric and raise it near its place. At that point, the Prophet (ﷺ) got it with his own honorable hands and reestablished it to its unique spot. This was the means by which the Prophet (ﷺ) kept war from breaking out among the Quraysh by a preeminent exhibition of shrewdness.

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