Life of Muhammad 5 [An Urdu Documentary] for Kids

Battle of Badar is the most important event happened in the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It was the battle that was also discussed in the Holy Koran by Almighty Allah. The Muslims in Madina were residing peacefully. But the idolators of Makkah were making plans to attack Muslims in Madina. They prepared themselves with more than 1000 soldiers and attacked over Madina. The Muslims were very small in numbers, 313 a few swords and horses and 70 camels.

By the grace of Allah, Muslims defeated the army of Makkah. They arrested 70 soldiers of the army of Makkah. Only 14 Muslims martyred in this battle while 70 soldiers of the army of Abu Sofiyan killed in this battle. Here the Muslims expressed their love for education, Prophet Muhammad PBUH ordered if a soldier who was prisoned now, educate 10 kids of Muslims then they will be released.

Now it is the 02 Hijra of the year, the most pleasant moment of this year is the marriage of Fatima a.s with Hazrat Ali a.s.

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