Alif Episode 7 by Umera Ahmed


Alif Episode 7 Umera Ahmed, so he was a Sultan. The Sultan was a person for whom his father left her mother. He thought about the situation when his father saw her mother, with a person namely Sultan. His father hatted the Sultan. So what he felt when he saw her with Sultan? Qalb e Momin could understand these feelings now. Qalb e Momin was trying to forgive her mother. He was making a splendour image of her mother in his mind.

Abdul Ali, grandfather of Qalb e Momin advised him to go for sleep. Suddenly, Qalb e Momin asked a shocking question. He asked and Abdul Ali shocked. He thought Momin is known enough then his expectations.

Alif Episode 7 by Umera Ahmed

Qalb e Momin asked: Are we Poor? Her mother shocked and asked why Momin asked this question? Momin replied, every one call him a poor boy. He also added, his father do nothing. Alif Episode 7 Umera Ahmed. Husn e Jahan assured Momin, his father is the richest man. She leads Momin to a box. She showed him many new.papers. There were many pictures and articles published about his father. She also showed him many models and samples. These models and samples were of the calligraphic masterpieces. These were created by his father.

Husn e Jahan added, further, the person who writes the Name of Allah, always remain the richest. But it was a tragedy with the father of Momin. There was not peace in his mind, there was no money, there was no more masterpieces. Momin’s father blamed himself, it is why he broke the his father’s heart. She started weeping and it was the second time….. Momin saw his father weeping.

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