Alif Episode 9 by Umera Ahmed


Alif Episode 9 by Umera Ahmed

Abdul Ali was in ICU when Qalb e Momin saw his last time. After a few hours, he passed away. A large number of people who were the pupils of Abdul Ali arrived. When they knew the relation of Qalb e Momin, they offered Condolences to him. Qalb e Momin thought, he would have to manage the funeral ceremony for Abdul Ali. But state commenced the funeral ceremony. Due to this Qalb e Momin was at the background. It looked like there is no need for him.

Momina Sultan was the very first actress from South Asia who awarded with Oscar. She was very happy to win that award. In Pakistan, all media channels were busy with her coverage. Even it was announced, Momina will arrive in Pakistan as she was invited by Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Alif Episode 9 by Umera Ahmed

Alif Episode 9 by Umera Ahmed
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