The Neolithic Age Explained in Urdu

نیا سنگی دور یا نو حجری دور

It is also known as the new stone age or the final division of stone age. With this age, the revolution of agriculture arrived in the history of humanity for 12000 years ago. This is the period of the most important inventions of history. Remember! Syria, China did not exist yet. The lifestyle of humans was nomadic, hunters and gatherers. Agriculture age started 10000 BC years ago. The Neolithic comprises a progression of behavioural and cultural characteristics and changes. It is stated this period was just prior to Prophet Ibrahim a.s.

The Neolithic Age Explained in Urdu

Agriculture was developed independently in several regions. Living in permanent settlements brought new ways of social organization. Towards the end of the Neolithic era, copper metallurgy is introduced, which marks a transition period to the Bronze Age, sometimes referred to as the Chalcolithic or Eneolithic Era. Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin, which has a greater hardness than copper, better casting properties, and a lower melting point. Bronze could be used for making weapons, something that was not possible with copper, which is not hard enough to endure combat conditions. In time, bronze became the primary material for tools and weapons, and a good part of the stone technology became obsolete, signalling the end of the Neolithic and thus, of the Stone Age.

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